Our Questions About Global Communities

Our class has been really enjoying learning about Global Communities in Social Studies!  We are exploring this Big Question:

How does where people live in the world affect how they live and meet their needs

As you might be able to tell from some of our individual wonders and questions below, we’ve already been learning about some global communities, such as countries in Africa, through readalouds and videos.  Many students in our class were surprised to discover how different daily life might be in other communities!  We’ve discussed the importance of showing acceptance and understanding when learning about different ways of life.

Based on our class’s interests and questions, we will also be adding these questions to our inquiry on Global Communities:

  • Why might some countries not have the same resources as other countries?
  • How might people in different communities make the best use of the resources they have?
  • How might we be good stewards of our global community?

Our Questions and Wonders About Global Communities:

  • I wonder how the Philippines have a smartphone? (Antonio)
  • I’m wondering how people in Africa get global warming like some parts of Africa? (Chloe)
  • I wonder how Africans live with not much water to drink and all that water is dirty. (Owin)
  • I’m wondering why we get so many things but some other parts of the world don’t get that much stuff. (Lily)
  • I wonder how people in South America like Argentina or Brazil, I wonder how big their schools are and what’s the capacity? (Stevan)
  • How do Indian people get their food? (Armeet)
  • I’m wondering what parts of Africa get the clean water and what parts of Africa get the dirty water? (Tristan)
  • In Africa, why is there not any stores that try to make cups and sell it to Africa so they can get water and sell it at stores? (Nattas)
  • I wonder why in Africa they don’t have that much houses or food. (Finn)
  • I also wonder what kids in Argentina, Brazil and Columbia and all those countries in South America, what those kids play at recess, like soccer, because Argentina is known for good soccer players. (Stevan)
  • I wonder Africa doesn’t have that much but they have a lot of good resources like oil, diamonds, food and other drinks like coffee. And my theory is that other countries buy all their stuff or travel to there to get it so it’s like theirs but it’s really Africa’s, or maybe they don’t know how to get the oil and dig all that stuff. (Owin)
  • I wonder why there can’t be a lot of houses in Antarctica and why we have a lot of houses here but they don’t have a lot of houses in Antarctica. (Lily)
  • Why don’t deserty places have technology at all? (Parker)
  • How come Africa doesn’t have a lot of money like people don’t have a lot of money? (Nattas)
  • I wonder if there is a community in Antarctica. (Chloe)
  • I wonder why in each country they have to wear different and special clothes. (Tristan)
  • I don’t know why there are most countries that are mostly poor for some reason. (Daniel)