Making Ten Strategy

In math we have been talking about ten fact buddies, which are numbers that add up to 10.  For example 7 and 3 are ten fact buddies because 7+3=10 and 3+7=10.  We also noticed that when we add 10 and another number, the other number is in the Ones place in the answer.

Today we learned the Making 10 Strategy.  We watched this video to help us understand the strategy:

We didn’t watch this video but this is another way to explain the Making Ten strategy in case your child needs more practice using it:

Data Management (Graphing)

We have been learning about data management in math.  We learned data means information.  We collected some data about our class by having each person fill out a survey.  Then we sorted the responses to the survey questions and used tally charts to total up the number from each response.  Then we used the tally charts to create organized and labeled bar graphs.

Here are the graphs showing information about our class.

Counting Creatures

We have been reviewing and extending our understanding of counting in math.  Counting will help us in other math units such as patterning, money and multiplication/division.  We will be working on our counting learning goals throughout the term.

We also learned that the word estimate means our best guess.  An estimate doesn’t need to be correct, but it should be reasonable.  That means we are making thoughtful guesses that make sense.

Check out our Counting Creatures Exhibit!