Red’s in the Hood

We had a wonderful time on our class trip yesterday. Here are some pictures from the show, and some of our thoughts.

What surprised you about the show, Red’s the Hood?  Did anything unexpected happen?

I didn’t expect that almost everybody did the floss. (Matthew)

I didn’t expect it to be that much singing because I thought I thought it would be a normal Little Red Riding Hood play but there was lots of singing. (Antonio)

I was surprised that the play was a musical. (Lyssie)

I didn’t expect the go-go granny and the wolf was a rapper. (Parker)

I expected that there was a bit of dancing and a bit of singing because on my form it said it was a musical. (Lily)

I didn’t expect that the wolf and the three little pigs were going to be in there. And he was a good wolf and turned into a bad wolf, I didn’t expect that. (Nattas)

I didn’t expect the wolf would be a rapper. (Ekmeet)

I didn’t expect that Red would have a cape when she just used to have a sweater. I wouldn’t expect that people would actually like the Big Bad Wolf and they called him Big Buddy Wolf. Because in the story it used to be a mom not a dad telling her not to go up the path or not to go too far. Now it’s the dad. (Owin)

I didn’t expect that there be a wolf there. I didn’t expect that she would be dabbing a lot and have a fidget spinner. (Miley)

I didn’t expect the dad to be wearing no pants and just underwear. (Chloe)

I didn’t expect the granny to be riding a motorcycle. (Delaney)

First I didn’t really expect the go-go granny to be riding a Harley Davidson 152 horse power engine motorcycle and I did expect that the show would be a fractured fairytale. (Stevan)


How was the musical the same or different from the original fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood?

I noticed that what was the same was Little Red was bringing treats to her grandma because in the normal story she was bringing treats. (Safiya)

Grandma hurt her ankle. (Anthony)

I noticed something about the story. It’s something about the red story. In the other story grandma didn’t have a cookie safe. (Lyssie)

I noticed that it was a fractured story because Grandma broke her ankle on a motorcycle and she wasn’t sick. It used to be that she was sick and then Little Red Riding Hood came to bring her cookies but this time she broke her ankle on a motorcycle and then Red came. A lot of the characters, they changed a lot of the characters a bit. Like the wolf started to rap and grandma had a safe and she wasn’t afraid of the wolf but in the other story the wolf just wanted to eat Little Red Riding Hood. (Owin)

Little Red Riding Hood was bringing cookies to her grandma but I noticed that the wolf was trying to get the cookies. When the wolf heard that she had the cookies she cancelled the show and went to find her to get the cookies. (Nattas)

Instead of the wolf trying to eat Little Red Riding Hood and grandma, the wolf was trying to get the cookies. (Antonio)

In the other story there was a wolf and in this story there was a wolf. In this story there was the pigs but not in the other story. (Ekmeet)

The wolf was going to get the cookies and to also eat Red’s cookies instead of trying to eat Little Red and Little Red’s grandma. (Delaney)

In the story that we saw, they had a costume party but in the other one there wasn’t a costume party. (Finn)

In this story the grandma noticed the wolf coming. In the other story the grandma didn’t notice the wolf coming. (Parker)


Would you recommend this musical? Why or why not?

I would recommend it because it’s funny and it made me and Daniel laugh. (Matthew)

I recommend it. It makes me laugh. (Anthony)

Yeah but the wolf was taking asleep and the grandma was not there. And Little Red came I the house and she thought the wolf was the grandma. (Steven)

Yeah because it made me laugh because when the dad started to rap he was talking about the rap concert and how he might be going that made me laugh because I never saw a dad rap in the whole world. (Stevan)

The one that we saw was in real life but the other one was a fairy tale. (Finn)

I would recommend this play because it was really funny and I liked all the actors. (Lyssie)

I would not recommend it because the dad had no pants on and that would basically be inappropriate and they would start doing it. (Chloe)

I would recommend it for little kids ‘cause I think the play was meat for the little people.  (Delaney)

I would and wouldn’t recommend it depending on the people I’m asking ‘cause if you like music there’s a little too much music than acting or movement or all those other stuff. But if you like to watch plays where there’s no music and just like acting and stuff then I think you shouldn’t watch it. (Owin)