From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Our class wrote this together to tell you more about what we are learning: 

Our class adopted painted lady caterpillars.  We are observing them as they grow and change and go through the different life stages. We would like to share with you what we’ve learned so far about our painted lady caterpillars.

We have had our larvae or caterpillars since May 17th.  They are black in colour and have three main parts. These parts are the head, thorax and abdomen.  They also have legs and prolegs.  The legs are the six at the front and the prolegs are at the back.  The anal prolegs are the two at the very, very back.  The prolegs are false legs but help the larva to hang upside down. They also have spiracles (breathing holes) on their back and spines (sharp spikes). So if a predator touches them, it will seem blurry to them so that helps protect them in the wild.

They ate a lot and then their bodies grew longer and wider.  They ate the nutrients we gave them.  When they were in a J-shape, we knew they were getting ready to go into a chrysalis.  When they were in their J-shapes, they were hanging on things that looked like threads.  But that was silk that came out of their spinnerets.  When they move their head back and forth, that means they’re probably using their spinnerets.

Now they are in the pupa stage of the life cycle.  Now they are a brownish-grayish-red.  Their colouring is very similar to trees.  We think this helps them to camouflage with trees in the wild.  We think that when they are ready, their chrysalis will open from the bottom and they will emerge.

We are really enjoying watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies.  We think it’s neat that they go through different stages of the life cycle.  We are so happy and excited to be raising them, and we can’t wait until they emerge as butterflies!



Track and Field Day

Grades 1 and 2 Track and Field Day!

On Thursday, June 7th from 9:00 to 12:50 (approximately), children from Grades 1 and 2 will participate in Track and Field at Winona Elementary School.

During the morning block (9:00-10:30), the students will be participating in jumping events. Then they will have a 40 minute nutrition break. In the middle block (11:10-12:50), they will be completing the running events. Parents and guests are welcome to watch and cheer on participants. All visitors must check in at the office if they will be entering the school building.

Students should wear shorts, a t-shirt and running shoes. Bring a hat, sunscreen, water and, if necessary, warm clothing. Students may also bring a blanket (or towel) to sit on when they are spectators. We are looking forward to an active and exciting Primary Track and Field Day!

The purpose of Track and Field Day is to help students develop sportsmanship skills and to practice the skills they have learned during Phys Ed. on a larger scale. Students are encouraged to do their own personal best and to cheer on their fellow students. Please re-inforce what good sportsmanship looks like and have a conversation about the “big feelings” that may come out of not coming in first or getting a ribbon. We want to praise the effort students put into their events and the enjoyment of participating over the end result of earning a ribbon.

Zumba Day

We had some great time today participating in an active time of dance and exercise today for Zumba Day!

Zumba Day

Dear families,

On Friday, May 25th, your child will be participating in Zumba Day! This dance fitness workout for kids is set to hip-hop, salsa, and so much more! Students engage in different movement activities, choreography, creation, and improvisation. Zumba helps increase students’ focus and self-confidence, while also enhancing coordination. There is NO cost to the students, however your child is invited to dress in fun, bright, neon colours to add even more excitement to the day!

Backwards Math

Today was Backwards Day!  In math we were given the answer to a question.  We had to figure out what the question might have been.  Check out our work!