Math Talk

We had a great discussion about this picture in Math today.  Our discussion showed our understanding of estimating, comparing, and adding numbers; measurement; and even probability:

I don’t think 18 belongs because it’s a little smaller number than the blue and I think there’s more in there than 18. (Ekmeet)

I think the green one has 18 marbles because those ones are longer and the other ones are shorter so I think you would have a bigger number like 55. I think the green ones have 18 because they’re longer and that’s my estimate. (Chloe)

I don’t think 139 belongs because it probably will be way too much of the actual limit.  I think 11 might belong because the green has bigger marbles than the blue so it could be 11 and I’m pretty sure it’s 18 in the blue one or more but it only makes 20-something, 29 and there’s no 29 in the answers.  I think 11, 18, one of them is probably not the right answer.  And also it couldn’t be 73 because that’s way too much so I think it’s either 66 or 55. (Parker)

I think 139 might be the total or 73 because those are the two highest. I think 55 is the one in the blue and 18 is the one in the green one. (Owin)

I think 139 is too big because it’s a 3-digit number and all the other ones are not.  I think 11 is the amount in the green one and the blue one has 18. I think 55 or 73 could be the total. I think the blue one has the most because it has smaller beads. (Lily)

I think it’s likely 55 or 73 to be the total and I think there could also be 18 in the green bowl and there  also could be 55 in the blue ones. (Delaney)

I think the blue one is higher because I think the blue one has 66 and the green one has 18. (Nattas)

I think 66 and 139 and 11 do not match because 11 is way too small.  139 is way too big.  66 is big enough to just be as big to not fit in the blue bowl. So I think it’s either 18 or 55. (Stevan)

Mrs. Ho: How might we check the reasonableness of our guesses?  We know we need to put two numbers together to make the total.  Can you think of a way to check to see if the numbers we’re combining make sense?

I did some math and I think 55 and 18 go together and it made 73 so I think that’s the answer. (Owin)

I also think it’s 73 because the green one looks like it has 18 and the blue one looks like it has 55 so I also think it’s 73. (Chloe)

It might be likely that it’s 73 but you can’t see the marbles in the back. (Chloe)

You can see more from the other side so if you see one on the back you can count two more. (Nattas)

I put 73 + 66 and it made 139 so my two guesses are 18, 55 and 73 or 66, 73 and 139. (Owin)

Mrs. Ho: I noticed that if I start with 55 and add 11 more, I will have the answer 66 because there’s 1 more one and 1 more ten.  So three possible answers are:




Which is the most reasonable and why?

I think it’s 55 and 18 is 73 because in the green bowl it looks like there’s 18 because it looks like there’s around the same in the front and the back. I think around 9 would be around in the front and around 9 in the back so I think it’s the same. In the blue bowl the marbles are smaller so I think you can fit more in the bowl and it’s filled up so there would be a lot of them. (Delaney)

I think 11 and 55 are equally likely to be the answer because 55 might be the amount in the blue bowl and 11 in the green bowl. (Owin)