Our Liquids Race

Do you know what are the properties of liquids?  Liquids do not have their own shape.  They always take the shape of the container.  Liquids can be gooey or runny.  On January 16th, we did an experiment with three different kinds of liquids.  For this experiment, we put a glob of ketchup, mustard and honey on top of a baking tray.  We predicted which liquid would run faster and which liquid would run slower if we tilted the tray.  Next, we tilted the tray to see what would happen.  At first the mustard was going faster than the other liquids.  Then ketchup started running even faster and started reaching the bottom first.  It looked like it was going to be a really close race! Some of us thought ketchup would win!  Then something unexpected happened.  The glob of honey had been the slowest liquid of all but right before the ketchup was about to hit the bottom of the tray, the glob of honey fell down!  It landed on the bottom of the tray before the ketchup reached the bottom.  We thought the honey cheated in this race.  Ketchup was the fastest liquid in the end!  We really enjoyed this experiment because it was exciting.  Most of us were surprised to see what happened with the honey.

An Update On Our Dinosaur

We wrote about our observations and theories together:

Our egg has hatched!  The head of a dinosaur is peeking out of the crack.  Every day it’s hatching more and more.  We think that the dinosaur might be a parasaurolophus or a pterosaur.  We think it’s a pterosaur because the head looks the same.  Their heads both have a curved shape.  We’re not sure if it’s a parasaurolophus because in the book it says that the crest is very long but our dinosaur has a shorter crest. Also our dinosaur doesn’t have a fan that makes the crest go up and down.  We noticed that the egg is cracked when it used to be smooth.  We think the water might have made the material of the egg softer, and that’s why it cracked.  We saw two holes in the egg before we put it in the water.  We think the water went into the holes.   We think the dinosaur is made out of sponge and is absorbing the water.  That is why it is getting bigger.  We are very excited about this experiment.  We are happy to see our dinosaur growing.