Counting Creatures

We have been reviewing and extending our understanding of counting in math.  Counting will help us in other math units such as patterning, money and multiplication/division.  We will be working on our counting learning goals throughout the term.

We also learned that the word estimate means our best guess.  An estimate doesn’t need to be correct, but it should be reasonable.  That means we are making thoughtful guesses that make sense.

Check out our Counting Creatures Exhibit!

Terry Fox Run

On Friday, September 29th our class will be participating in the Terry Fox Run.  Our school has a goal of raising $2000 towards cancer research.  You can donate through School Cash Online or at  (Use the Terry Fox page for donations requiring a tax receipt). If you donate $20 or more you will have a chance to participate in the big school assembly.

We will be walking/running on school property on Friday.  Remember to wear comfortable clothes and your running shoes.

Water Sample Discussion

Today we had a class discussion about our water samples.  Everyone did a great job listening respectfully to the ideas of others.  We were curious and excited!

Mrs Ho: What are you wondering about our water samples?

Stevan: I’m wondering why all the water… I wonder why all the water is the same colour but some aren’t because every water colour is the same but when you put it in a jar it’s a different colour to another.

Student 1: Some of the waters are clean. Mine is dirty so it’s a different colour.

Stevan: All of ours are a little more dirty but some are more dirty.

Lyssie: I was listening to Antonio but some are dirty but some of the bottles are coloured so like pop bottles.

Brant: I’m wondering why all of our water I bet are from a different place.

Owin: I wonder if there are any little animals like plankton and stuff.

Parker: Can we create stuff with water?

Student 2: All of the water samples one of them are like dirty but I’m not sure if Antonio’s is from a lake.

Student 1: Mine is from a beach.

Lyssie: It is from a beach because it has little tiny shells. The little tiny shells I went to a lake that had them and they call them zebra mussels. When they’re not crushed up there’s a thing inside that goes inside water like a mussel.

Mrs. Ho: How might we investigate our wonders?

Chloe: Getting a magnifying glass and look closely in the water samples.

Lyssie: I was wondering my water was cold when I got it but I’m wondering if it would still be cold when I take the lid off.

Stevan: Can we bring it home and if we have a magniscope. We can put it on the glass thing and see if we can see any living bacteria on it.

Our Readalouds

Our class loves listening to reading!  Here are some of the books we listened to this week.

We learned that it only takes one person to stop bullying and to start spreading kindness, and it can begin with us!

Water Samples

Students, don’t forget to bring in your water sample if you haven’t already done so!  We can’t wait to discuss our samples!

What Are We Learning in Grade 2?

The Bossy Teacher Books tell Mrs. Ho what we will learn about in Grade 2.  Here’s a list of what we will be learning about this year.

Mrs. Ho also wanted to find out what we are interested in learning about.

A Peek Into Our Classroom

Our classroom is ready for our community of learners! Grade 2s, I can’t wait to see you on September 5th! I hope you have a wonderful long weekend with your family.

Parents/guardians, please ensure your child knows how they are getting home after school. Thank you!

Mrs. Ho