Hamilton Public Library Reading Club

Here’s some information about the FREE summer reading program from Hamilton Public Library! There are lots of prizes, contests and other incentives to encourage your child to keep reading regularly over the summer.

From Pupa to Butterfly

We had such a great time observing the life cycle of our Painted Lady Butterflies. We learned a lot about how animals grow and change. Some of us even got to observe a butterfly as it was emerging from its chrysalis!  It happened so quick that not all of us got to see. One of our favourite days was the day we released the butterflies back into the wild.  We’re a little nervous that birds will eat them, since we learned that birds are their predators, but we know that this is all part of the cycle of life.  It was so neat for us to be able to see the butterflies up close. We were all very gentle and made sure we didn’t touch their delicate wings.  Some of the butterflies landed on us!

Some things we learned about our butterflies:

  • The red stuff that came out of the chrysalis is not blood. It’s a fluid called meconium.
  • When they first come out of their chrysalis, their wings are wet and crumpled up. Their wings need to dry.
  • They won’t be able to fly at first. Once their wings dry, they will be able to fly.
  • We had sponges in containers filled with sugar and water.  Our butterflies drank from this since we didn’t have any nectar to offer them.

Play Day

Grades 1-7 are participating in Play Day on Monday, June 26th.  In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, our Play Day events will take us on a trip around our country.

Wear your Canada gear!  Please be prepared for a day spent outside.

Math Update

In Math this month, we will be reviewing some of the strands that we covered in Grade 2, particularly the ones that Mrs. Ho feels we need more practice in before Grade 3.  We will also be learning to deepen our mathematical thinking by connecting skills/knowledge learned in one strand to other strands, and better communicate our math thinking when solving problems. We also started investigating multiplication and division.

From Larva to Pupa

This morning we saw that our caterpillars had formed a chrysalis over the weekend!  We all added our observations into our science journals.  Here is what they look like now.

We’ve learned that the yellow dots are called frass, which is their poop.  The black stuff is their shredded skin.  When they shed it is called molting.  The fuzzy thing hanging off the top of the chrysalis is their skin.

We are still wondering…

  • What is the red stuff? (Jamieson)
  • Why is the red stuff even in the cup? Does it have anything to do with the caterpillars? (Sehaj)
  • Why are some caterpillars, when they are in their chrysalis, why are they curved sometimes? (Lanna)
  • Why do the caterpillars, when they are turning into a chrysalis, need to be shaped like a J on the lid? (Sehaj)